David Koop Green Aero Guitar HeroAs a child David Koop’s dream was to become either a baseball player or fighter pilot – we’re happy to announce that by joining our team at Green Aero Tech David has taken to the skies.

Born and raised in Saskatchewan David has a strong background in the agricultural sector where he has worked in manufacturing, distribution, and direct sales for ten years. He specialized in development marketing and the growth of new products. As Green Aero Tech expands into new industries and locations across North America, David is the perfect person to lead our Business Development Team as our Director of Business Development.

“I started looking into selling high-end UAVs used for gathering data in 2014 and quickly realized that on top of the prohibitive capital costs and legal requirements, there was a huge gap between the data they produced and information that was actually useable.

Green Aero Tech immediately stood out to me as an industry leader because they solve these issues and deliver immense value to their clients. This is cutting edge technology that can save people money, time, and hassle – it’s a business concept I am really passionate about. I am honoured and unbelievably excited to do my part in adding to their success.”

When David’s not at work he can be found in the backyard relaxing with his young family, cheering on the Saskatchewan Roughriders, or jamming on his bass guitar.

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