You can quickly tell by her accent that Dee wasn’t born in Canada, but it’s definitely her home. Originally from Chester, England, Dee headed to Canada after graduating from the University of Sheffield with a degree in English Language and Linguistics.

Having a way with words, she gravitated towards roles in sales, marketing, and public relations. She’s worked with start-ups and established companies with a focus on food and beverage, hospitality, tourism, and travel. She’s travelled across Canada and the US on behalf of these clients, connecting with media from around the world. More recently her focus has been on emerging tech, and that’s where Green Aero Tech fits in nicely.

“Green Aero Tech is a pioneer in the drone and software space. There’s a lot of hype out there and for people looking to uncover how they can use this technology to help move their business forward it’s hard to cut through the noise.”

Dee will be helping our team create content and key messaging that helps us explain to people the benefits of our services. We’re all about empowering our clients to utilize technology in ways that have a positive effect on the bottom line, and Dee’s here to help us tell that story.

“I’m excited and proud to be part of a team that’s not only on the cutting-edge of technology but has people’s best interests at heart. They play a valuable role to the clients they serve and have a brand promise that backs that up.”

When she’s not crafting copy, Dee can be found on the ski hill, mountain biking, or adventure racing (she’s on the right) – phew!

Dee Raffo

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