Companies that construct and manage pipelines are held to rigorous environmental and safety guidelines, requiring continuous monitoring and inspection. It’s also an area where meticulous planning is paramount to success of new projects and replacement lines. Drones can be utilized to save time and money, while increasing safety.

Drones can be used for:

  • Encroachment management – the monitoring of vegetation, landslides, and other land users impacting the pipeline
  • New or replacement route development
  • Leak detection (future application)

Why use a drone?

2016-09-26SAFETY – Drones can safely fly low to the ground, maintaining bio-security while getting into hard to reach places. Other methods include surveying or leak detecting on foot, which can be difficult in rough and remote terrain, taking time and a lot of human resources. Helicopters can also be used, but flying low continuously over long stretches of land can be a safety issue.

pasted image 0ACCURACY – Our drones generate very accurate visual reports that can make key decisions easier to make. For example, if a company is looking at covering 100 miles of land, it needs to know the ups and downs of that land to quote accurately on the amount of pipe the project will need – the difference can have a huge effect on the bottom line. An engineer can look at the visuals a drone produces and pick out topography that is ideal, and other areas that will be a challenge. Having the right information at their fingertips takes out the guesswork, and makes the project more efficient from the start.

Road Crossing 01-02(1)REPORTING – Having the detailed visual imagery can help with the reports needed to satisfy the environmental and safety standards the industry demands. Using Green Aero Tech’s reporting software and platform you can save these for future reference, showing changes over time, preempting possible encroachment issues.

Elevation mapping via drone has proven more cost and time efficient for other large industries, such as agriculture – where Green Aero Tech is an industry leader. It will soon become standard that drones are used to assist with the management of other large infrastructure sectors that need details on the land they’re working with, because of their accuracy, speed, and cost effectiveness.

To talk further about the uses of drones for the oil, gas, and pipeline industry please reach connect with us.

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