We’ve been working with the team at Deveron UAS to make drones work for farmers in a market where there’s a lot of technology, but not a lot of tangible ROI.

Not all drones are made equal, neither are the pilots, or the software deciphering the data and this is where issues have occurred for farmers who have been given inaccurate data to work from. Both our teams have come together to solve this issue by delivering a complete package.

We take farmers from the data to the dirt with a full support team at their disposal, and at an incredibly competitive rate. Together, our growing companies can now offer industry-leading elevation data packages to growers across Canada and new networks in the United States.

“It’s a great match,” explained Scott Hiebert, Green Aero Tech’s CEO. “We excel at dealing with data and producing software that makes it actionable, and Deveron have a great network of pilots that know how to collect it. We’re both playing to our strengths, and together we can scale up, which means our customers are getting the best service possible right across Canada, and into the U.S.A.”

The difference is that when we combine forces we can offer the best equipment, experienced pilots, and latest software across a larger area, which means our customers get accurate data and great service without having to invest the time and money on their own equipment and team.

Using RTK survey-grade equipment and non-invasive drones/UAVs, the Deveron team provides experienced pilots who are flying the best tools for the job. A typical team is equipped with over $100,000 of survey-grade equipment and can fly up to 4,000 acres per day. The drones used collect elevation data to a ±5cm vertical accuracy on every inch of the land, and in the hands of experienced pilots, this means the data generated is the most accurate on the market.

This data is then sent to our team where we use a series of software programs, some proprietary, to turn it into actionable drainage information. We process the data through a process called Photogrammetry, where the drones are taking hundreds of images to measure the distance between objects. This creates a point cloud, which is a data set that’s composed of 3-D points that gives us a visual map and colourized digital surface model. This data is then run through another series of software to create drainage analysis, which can be a combination of streams, sinks, flows, mains, and contour maps.

These maps are then delivered to our customers through our online portal, which can be viewed, shared, profiled, downloaded, and exported into a drainage design program, or used directly in a tractor monitor.

We make elevation mapping easy – let us make it easy for you.