Let’s be honest, no one likes change for the sake of change.  However, here in 2018 we’re updating our logo to a  new, refreshed style.  From our humble beginnings in 2014 when Green Aero Tech first launched commercial UAVs into the skies; our growth has been linear, consistent with our origins, yet always evolving.  Our new logo reflects our journey with a new horizontal style that retains key elements of our past and makes subtle changes pleasing to the eye.

Since we’re not Coca-Cola or Microsoft, a mere logo change isn’t quite enough to draw attention.  So, accompanying our new branding is news of our new pricing for the 2018 season*.  Not only are we breaking the model by going public with our rates, we’re further disrupting the market by drastically lowering them while adding new tools to make them more useful than ever.  Our flagship drainage/elevation mapping products have seen the largest drops as follows:

* Terms & Conditions may apply to pricing

If you have any questions about these prices, or are interested in becoming a dealer, don’t hesitate to contact us at sales@greenaerotech.com. You can also reach out to one of our many dealer partners about our other listed services as well as Multi-Spectral, Thermal, and Visual mapping.