Never overpay or get less value than you deserve for a gravel contract. Use drone/UAV technology to get accurate, fast, and affordable measurements.

Gravel inventory is an important issue for RMs and many contractors. You need to know how much you have for jobs, contract negotiations and audits.

But that take days or weeks and cost thousands to have a third-party provide a report.

Not anymore.

Here’s why you should use drones for your gravel inventory:

Accuracy: High-end survey grade drones produce extremely accurate 3D model volume reports available anywhere online. Accuracy routinely within 2 or 3%.

Speed: With our network of drone technicians across Western Canada, we can be onsite within a few days. The measurements are usually done within an hour.

Value: Big jobs or small, drones do the hard work, so we can provide rates in $100s instead of $1,000s. It’s a game changer.

RMs in Saskatchewan have been using our company extensively.

In fact, the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM) RMs are entitled to a discount as Green Aero Tech is now a SARM partner.

Get a free, no obligation consultation to see if drone tech would be a good fit for your gravel site.