Drones make data collection more efficient for the drainage industry

main-picWinnipeg, Manitoba – September 8, 2016: Increasing efficiency is one of the key selling points of using drones to do aerial mapping and this is what intrigued one of Canada’s largest drainage solution companies, NextGen Drainage, and led them to connect with drone service experts, Green Aero Tech.

“NextGen chose to work with Green Aero Tech because they’re leaders in aerial RTK imagery,” explains Brett Sheffield, CEO of NextGen Drainage. “Their professional team helps us to increase our capacity for professional survey and design in the growing industry of agriculture water management in Western Canada. We are extremely excited to pair NextGen’s leading design team and install crews with their innovative aerial imagery – this partnership will help growers unlock the full potential of their fields.”

Green Aero Tech will be using their fleet of drones and experienced pilots to provide data collection services including soil maps, elevation, and field and ditch modeling reports. The relationship is symbiotic as when Green Aero Tech produces these reports for their own clients, the next step is often the implementation.

“NextGen is both a strategic partner and preferred vendor,” explains Scott Hiebert, CEO of Green Aero Tech. “We’re experts at data collection using drones, and NextGen, as one of western Canada’s largest drainage contractors, is an expert in taking that data and making the plans and physical changes to the land for the client. One can’t work without the other.”

Both companies are innovators in agricultural technology, but it doesn’t end there. This technology is also being used in the oil and gas sector to assist with the land plans for pipelines and other infrastructure.

“Drone technology is evolving fast and we have a dedicated team member on research and development,” says Hiebert. “We’re working with innovative companies like NextGen who also see the applications of this service for other industries – it’s a big area of growth for us as we continue to push the boundaries of what people think is possible.”

About Green Aero Tech: Revolutionizing how people gather and use land data

At Green Aero Tech we support farmers, engineers, civil administration, construction workers, other land users, and service providers by giving them access to the information they need to make key decisions. Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV/drone) technology, we provide accurate information that can help determine the best use of resources to save both time and money. We passionately invest in research, development, and technology to provide our clients with accurate information displayed in an easy to understand format they can act on with confidence: greenaerotech.com

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