Swift Current, Saskatchewan, November 21 – Green Aero Tech has connected with the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM) to bring discounted UAV services to their members. Green Aero Tech’s UAV service is the complete package, taking land users from data to dirt with a full support team at their disposal, and at an incredibly competitive rate. SARM members now have access to accurate, fast, and noninvasive land data for drainage analysis, ditch and road planning, volumetrics and stockpile analysis, acre counts and more.

“We connected with Green Aero Tech to help us get accurate volumetrics at our gravel pit,” explains Greg Targerson, Reeve of the Rural Municipality of Coulee. “It’s more accurate than the manual approach we were using, which saves us money. It’s also quicker, safer and more efficient for our team.”

The Coulee Rural Municipality is one of the members of SARM who are taking advantage of the discounted service and the Green Aero Tech team hopes this number will grow as more RM’s realize the potential to save time and money, while they gain the most accurate data for their land plans.

How it Works:

Using RTK survey-grade equipment and non-invasive UAVs, Green Aero Tech provides experienced pilots who are flying the best tools for the job. A typical team is equipped with over $100,000 of survey-grade equipment and can fly up to 4,000 acres per day.  The UAVs the team uses collect elevation data to a ±5cm vertical accuracy on every inch of the land, and in the hands of experienced pilots, this means the data generated is the most accurate on the market.

The data collected by the pilot is then sent to the Tech Support Team at Green Aero Tech, where they use a series of software programs, some proprietary, to turn it into actionable information. They process the data through a process called Photogrammetry, where the drones are taking hundreds of images to measure the distance between objects. This creates a point cloud, which is a data set that’s composed of 3-D points that generate a visual map and colourized digital surface model. This data is then run through another series of software to create drainage analysis, ditch and road planning, volumetrics and stockpile analysis, acre counts and more.

This information is then delivered to customers through Green Aero Tech’s online portal, which can be viewed, shared, profiled, downloaded, and exported by the customer into the software they use to do their land planning.

Green Aero Tech has the best equipment, experienced pilots, and latest software in the market, which means their customers receive accurate data and great service without having to invest the time and money on their own equipment and team.

Members of SARM can book directly with the Green Aero Tech team or call for a free consultation and quote: greenaerotech.com / 1-888-845-4419

About Green Aero Tech (short): A Revolutionary Land Data Service

We are a UAV service company who provide imagery and topographic data at the highest accuracy level possible to land users across North America. We bring land data services to farmers, engineers, civil administration, construction workers, and other land users that is accurate, on-demand, and actionable. We take away the technology barrier, making it easy for users to see opportunities for maximizing land usage. We are Transport Canada licensed, have over a dozen qualified pilots, and a dedicated Tech Support Team to help land users across North America get the most from their land data:  greenaerotech.com

Media Contact:

Dee Raffo, Director of Marketing: Dee.Raffo@greenaerotech.com