Green Aero Tech Joins Forces with Pattison Agriculture to Offer Customers an End to End Drainage Solution

Carman, Manitoba – October 17, 2017: Green Aero Tech’s goal is to make water management more efficient by utilizing the right technology for the job at hand. By partnering with Pattison Agriculture we are now a critical part of an end to end solution for drainage, available in 21 stores across Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

“At Pattison Agriculture, we’re known for our dedication to our customers,” explains Shane Moore, Integrated Solutions Manager at Pattison Agriculture. “We pride ourselves on offering the best and latest technological advances and this is where Green Aero Tech comes in. We’ve seen that they can do out in the field and having them as a partner will enable our customers to get superior reports that will make their water management more efficient.”

From elevation reports that relate to drainage, multi-spectral imaging for crop stress management, and thermal for research purposes the Green Aero Tech range of services gives Pattison Agriculture dealerships a fully-rounded water management solution for their clients. The key difference is that Green Aero Tech uses the experience of trained pilots and the best equipment on the market to gather the most accurate data for its clients. This means the individual farmer doesn’t need to spend time on data collection, or money on keeping up with technological advancements.

“We all know that water management is critical to running a successful operation,” says Scott Hiebert, CEO of Green Aero Tech. “We have a team of trained pilots and top of the line drones that collect accurate data – down to the millimetre. By partnering with Pattison Agriculture we can be part of an incredibly respected team that offers farmers everything they need to make the most out of their land; from the equipment, to the data, to the design, and the manpower. Their clients get the best.”

About Green Aero Tech: Revolutionizing how people gather and use land data

Using drone technology we provide land data services to farmers, engineers, civil administration, construction workers, and other land managers that is accurate, on-demand, and actionable. We take away the technology barrier, making it easy for users to see opportunities for maximizing land usage. We are Transport Canada licensed, have over a dozen qualified pilots, and a dedicated Tech Support Team to help land users across North America get the most from their land data:

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