At Green Aero Tech, we specialize in delivering accurate, actionable and affordable data.  The surge in UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) technology allows us to deliver information that was, until recently, cost prohibitive or even impossible to obtain.

Choosing what your data requirements are for your business or operation can be critical to your bottom line. We will work with you to determine whether there is a UAV solution to your challenge, and if we are the right company to serve your needs.

We offer many advantages to your operation

Professional Operation

Fully insured, highly trained. Nationwide SFOC (Special Flight Operating Certificate). We handle all pre-flight research, airspace notifications, and safety considerations. We operate safely and legally with no required notice, at night, in restricted airspace, and above typical approved altitudes.

Usable Information

We believe that poor data is worse than no data. Our UAV platforms are highly advanced and can provide a wide range of data including; optical, orthomosaic, thermal, near infra-red, and RTK. We also offer our proprietary post-processing expertise to quickly deliver a readable and usable report to you.

Customer Based Service

Each job is approached based on the needs of our customers. We will help you determine what services are required for your project and will deliver specially planned flights and custom reports to give you the data you require.

as low as

Our drainage service includes the information and tools you need to create better water management in less time on you farm. With proper drainage in place your fields will have fewer potholes and drowned crops, and more bushels and profit.

Service Includes

  • Easy to understand elevation, visual, and drainage maps
  • Easy to use planning tools for making surface drainage plans
  • Extremely accurate data (±5cm vertical accuracy)
  • Up to 60,000,000+ data points per quarter section
  • Exportable drainage files for tractor monitors *

* Most models supported

How we Use UAV / Drone Technology

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