Today we’re going to go over our dynamic Green Aero Tech data Portal.  We will give you an overview of how to navigate the system and get the most out of your maps. You can view the video below, or follow along in this post.

To begin, simply access the Green Aero Tech portal website and login with your username and password.

On your home page you will see your fields in an area map as well as in the list.  Below each field in the list you will have a small image, as well as information including the field name, capture date, sensor type, area mapped, as well as notes to identify locations.

You will also have the ability to share your maps directly from the home page to others via a link or directly to other portal users.  You can also edit the information by adding notes, and adding or removing maps from your profile.

When you select a field you will have several ways to view and work with the information.  By selecting the view layers tab you will be able to easily view different types of data, including quick views for visual, elevation and drainage analysis.  You also have the ability to mix and match layers with total control under the ‘select individual layers’ tab.

To get the most out of your maps, we have tools created for information gathering and drainage design.  The polygon and rectangle tools can be used for area measurements such as estimating drainage areas, or acre counting.  We also have a marker tool that can be used to mark and annotate features and information.

We also have the line tool for measuring distance, and most importantly showing elevation profiles.  By using the elevation profile tool you can easily visualize which drainage pathways will be the most efficient and create an excellent water management plan.  You can also select a stream segment to view the elevation profile along that section from the map viewer.

You also have the ability to download files in different file formats.  You can request additional file types if not immediately available.

The portal also offers ability to manage current layers or add additional ones through the upload manager.

Finally, if you would like to order additional UAV services you can do so through the booking window by entering land locations, uploading shape files or drawing your requested area.

We hope this has given you the tools to start working with your Green Aero Tech precision maps.   Please contact us if you have any further questions or requests.