Jason Brinkman Green Aero TechJason Brinkman grew up on his family’s 200-acre farm in Nova Scotia. Knowing he had a creative side that needed to be fuelled Jason studied photography at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario. An explorer at heart he’s spent time in southern Germany, Australia, and now resides in Whistler, B.C.

Jason enjoys everything the mountains have to offer, from snowboarding to mountain biking. It’s where his creative side can meet his love for the outdoors. When UAV technology first became available Jason was an early adopter and he spent four years building and experimenting with them. He could create unique shots from a new perspective for his photography work, but what really excited him were the emerging practical applications of the technology.

“It’s the problem-solving aspect of this technology that really intrigues me,” he explains. “Different sensors tell us a range of information about the land we’re mapping. We can monitor tree growth after re-planting, the volumetric measurements of stockpiles, and help reclaim lost land by assisting with irrigation planning.”

Jason is a Business Development Manager for Green Aero Tech because of his passion for finding new ways to apply our technology to real-life challenges. He’s one of our top pilots and each time we send him into the field he’s won’t come back until he’s got the data our clients need to move their projects forward.

We’re proud to have a problem-solver and continual learner like Jason on the team. When he’s not out flying for us, or playing in the mountains, you might find him surfing the waves somewhere sunny.

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