We all live downstream from someone. That doesn’t mean when draining you can’t protect another’s land while also improving yours.

Some farmers, of course, have and do drain improperly…BUT that doesn’t have to be you!

With state-of-the-art drone maps, we help farmers manage water efficiently and responsibly.

For example, a drone map shows you where every trickle of water will run by identifying your land’s natural waterways. That makes it easy to direct the water to the proper channel.

The end goal is having the water responsibly reach the drainage network through municipal ditches, dykes and eventually the rivers/lakes. We also help manage flow rates by choosing the correct path with the correct slope to help reduce erosion.

Or, maybe you’re interested in water retention for irrigation purposes. A drone map gives you that birds-eye view (but better) to get the water to the exact spot you need it.


And by the way, land modifications strategies like drainage are required to feed the world!

That’s why governments allow drainage within proper parameters. We need to

constantly adapt our land to feed ever-growing populations.

But it is difficult to make responsible decisions without information.

Information is power. So, power up. Get a birds-eye view of your land with detailed drone mapping. It’s affordable and can save you serious time and money.

Manage your water like a pro. Protect those downstream. Make more money.

Oh, and let’s feed the world more efficiently than ever while we’re at it.

Ready to get more from your land?

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We’ve dedicated our working lives to helping farmers save money and drain better.