Next up in our Portal Tutorial Series of videos is our basic “how to” on creating your account and uploading your first map to our portal.

After you create a new account using your email, follow the steps in the video to upload and start working with your own Geospatial data.

Certain features such as elevation profiles and drainage analysis require 3D based data such as Digital Surface Models, or Digital Terrain Models.

Personal accounts allow users up to 5 different unique maps, with 3 layers (up to 200MB) allowed to be uploaded per map. Paid accounts allow more maps and layers to be uploaded, as well as larger file sizes (up to 1GB).

File Formats Supported:

Automatic Processing

  • KML
  • TIF
  • SHP

Server Processing Required†

  • LAS
  • LAZ
  • JPG
  • ZIP
  • XYZ
  • CSV

†NOTE: Due to the fact the Green Aero Tech Portal is a Beta product, there are many other file types that may be functional but have not been fully tested.