Next up in our Portal Tutorial Series of videos is our basic “how to” on downloading and Importing your plan into a John Deere 2630 Monitor.  This basic tutorial should help take your data from Green Aero Tech, and do basic ditch cleaning and find the best areas for your in-field survey.

Let’s get started!

  1. In the Green Aero Tech portal download your 2630 map files (available on request)
  2. Extract the files, add them to a USB drive, and plug the USB into your 2630 monitor
  3. Press “Import Data”
  4. Press “Import File”
  5. Select the file from the list
  6. Press “Yes” and wait for the files to transfer
  7. Press “Accept”
  8. From your home page, press “Mapping”
  9. Press the “Boundaries” tab
  10. Choose the correct Client, Farm, and Field
  11. Press “Maps”
  12. Press “Map Settings”
  13. Enter the “Background” menu and select your drone data
  14. Press “Accept”
Congratulations! You should now see your drainage maps as your background layer.  You can adjust your viewing angle and map position as needed.
Now you can follow your Green Aero Tech maps in the field and maximize your drainage!