Here is the second video in our new Solutions Series.  Today we’re going to talk about how UAV technology is being used to help track volumes for gravel pits.

We have spent the past two years listening to our customers about what is important to them and have learned a lot about the needs and challenges involved in managing gravel/material sites.

It all comes down to volume, and by listening to our customers we have developed three main types of reports to assist in site management and inventory integrity.

  1. Let’s start with crush verification. Green Aero Tech has the ability to deploy a team to measure a single gravel pile to verify the volume produced during a gravel crushing contract. Acting as a third party, we can facilitate inventory confidence for both the site manager and the contractor. With our rapid deployment crews available we can measure piles on demand to facilitate fast access to the gravel and prompt payment for the contractor.
  2. We also provide the ability to collect gravel inventory for an entire site. Our UAVs can collect data on multiple stockpiles over an entire site in a half hour, when the same process would take days on the ground. This gives site managers the ability to have affordable and accurate information for inventory tracking and audits.
  3. Finally, our UAV and data technology gives us the ability to offer throughput tracking starting with the second mapping of a site. Because we map every inch of your gravel site, we can run cloud comparisons on recurring sites by comparing current and previous digital elevation models to estimate how much gravel/material has been removed from the site. This can help site managers track actual shipped volumes to verify hauling estimates and monitor for unwanted third party activity.

Sample Report IconAs an added bonus, our reports are available to all of our customers via traditional pdf reports, and on our cloud based data portal. With the data portal you can easily check stockpile volumes, create annotations for use in the office or on site, and access information in the field for increased operating efficiency.


Our goal is to deliver the highest level of value to our customers, and to do that Green Aero Tech is committed to three foundational values: Accuracy, Speed, and Affordability.

By utilizing survey-grade, RTK equipped UAVs, we build precise 3D models of your gravel piles. This allows us to account for every slope and angle to calculate an extremely accurate volume measurement, with an accuracy guarantee within 5%.

Our customers also benefit from our speed in more than one way. By utilizing our network of trained pilots we can have a team on site to collect data with days and map entire sites within a half hour.

And finally, by letting technology do the hard work for us, we are able to offer our services at an affordable rate that will leave you room in your budget.

At Green Aero Tech we are using UAV technology to deliver volume measurements that are more accurate, and more affordable than ever before. We hope to use our technology to help you increase your site efficiency, decrease product loss and waste, and maximize the value of your gravel site.

Thank you for taking the time to view our video and read this post, if you or your organization can benefit from this technology or you have more questions, feel free to contact us.  And keep your eyes open for the next video in the series, and please suggest a topic you’d like us to cover.