Originally from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Zach Foster moved to Winnipeg with his family when he was a teenager. His family is in an eclectic range of industries, from engineering to beer brewing; massage therapy, broadcasting, and bookkeeping. It’s no wonder then that Zach also shows variety in his career choices, although one passion underpins them all. Zach loves connecting with people, finding out what their problems are, and then working on a usable solution.

As a serial entrepreneur, he’s imported toys from Mexico, opened a 40-seat restaurant, ran a private bartending and catering company, helped a spa concept come to fruition and most recently he’s joined the Green Aero Tech team as a Business Development Manager. This is the perfect role for Zach, who’s a natural networker and understands that making community connections is crucial for any business to succeed.

Zach-Foster“When I’ve helped businesses get off the ground it’s been by creating reciprocal relationships that work for all those involved,” he explains. “When you get to know someone and gain insight on what their challenges are, you can help to find solutions in the services you offer – that’s what I love about business.”


At Green Aero Tech we focus on P2P business development – person to person, and Zach embodies this principle. With the services we offer there’s an education element and Zach really digs into that by explaining the ROI on new technology.

“Green Aero Tech is on the cutting edge of technology and I can help to show businesses what this means for them in their industry. This is a huge advancement in technology – the applications save time, and money, and what’s exciting is that it can only get better.”

When Zach’s not attending an entrepreneur workshop or networking event you can find him playing hockey or relaxing at the lake with a cold beer in hand.

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